You can create a pop-up in ParkCMS. This Pop-up can be placed behind a button so that, when a visitor clicks on this button on the website, he/she will see a Pop-up instead of being redirected to another page.

Create pop-up

1. In the left menu, select Content;
2. Select Pop-up;
3. Click New to create a Pop-up.


4. Give the Pop-up a name;
5. Click Save

Save pop-up

6. Select the Pop-up that you have just created;
7. Select the Frontpage tab to format the Pop-up;
8. By using Widgets, you can add content to the Pop-up. For example, text and an image.


Add pop-up to page

Once you've created a pop-up, you can have appear on the website at any place you want.

1. Select the desired location for the widget Button
2. Give the button a Name;
3. Under Action, select Link type -> Pop-up;
4. Select the Pop-up that you have just created.
5. Then click Save.

Select pop-up

6. You can take a look at the page via Preview.
7. Here you will see the newly created button.
8. When you click on it, you will see the pop-up that you have created.

pop-up frontoffice
pop-up frontoffice