Frequently asked questions Email Campaigns

What are the advantages to using the Email Campaigns from the CMS?

There are various advantages to using the Email Campaigns from the CMS:

  1. As everything is centrally located as part of the all-in-one solution, you will never have to search for a point of contact if you have questions;
  2. It is simple. You can format an email, just like you would create an extra page on your website;
  3. Email addresses are automatically imported from your system. This way you won't have to export a set of data, and then import it into another system;
  4. With automatic labeling it is possible to exclude certain guests. For example, if you want to send an email with a promotion for December, you do not want to send it to people who already have reservations for this period, or an overlapping period;
  5. You can send emails to certain groups: for example, to the homeowners (active and inactive), or to guests who have stayed in a certain year;
  6. You can create a test group and have them check the email before you send it. That way you always have an option for an extra check, without having to give everyone access to the CMS;
  7. It is unlimited, so for any occasion you can send an email with information about your company and any current promotions (for example), to any group of guests.

Are mailings indexed?

No, Google does not index the mails sent via the Email Campaign module.

Can I load a list of mail addresses that belongs to the unsubscribed list?

No, it is not possible to import a list of already unsubscribed mail addresses.

Are email addresses left on the website by means of a form automatically stored?

Yes, the mail addresses left on the site by means of a form are immediately added to the overview of email addresses. They'll be given the name of the form as a tag.

You can find the reactions to a form at the specific form's reactions.