Start Email Campaigns

You can send newsletters/e-mails to your (future) clients via the Booking Experts e-mail campaigns. To do this, you will first have to import the e-mail addresses to send the newsletter to. Then, you create an e-mail campaign in five steps.



First, create an e-mail campaign and enter the important information.

1. Select E-mail campaigns in the left-hand menu;

2. Then click E-mail campaigns in the sub-menu;

3. Click New in the top right to create a new e-mail campaign;


4. Choose an e-mail theme at Theme;

5. Enter the desired title of your e-mail campaign at Subject;

6. Enter the desired description of your e-mail campaign at Description;

7. Enter the name of the sender of the e-mail at Sender name;

  • Here, you can enter your own name or the name of your company. Tip: use your own name, this comes across as more personal and it works better.

8. Check Show link for unsubscribing at the bottom of e-mail, so your recipients have the choice to unsubscribe from future e-mails.

9. Enter the address to which replies can be send at Sender e-mail address.

10. Finally, click Save.


Front page

Then, it is time to create the layout and look of your e-mail campaign. Add widgets to the grey blocks by clicking the green plus symbol. The blocks can be page-wide, or split into columns of 2 or 3. The e-mail campaign can contain five widgets:

1. Rich text

2. Image

3. Button

4. Spacer

5. Social media


Rich text

Enter the titles and texts for your newsletter here.

Rich text


Add images to your newsletter. Tip: enter a URL at Link, so readers will be redirected to your website when clicking an image. Determine the size of your image in the e-mail at Width.



Use a call-to-action button in your newsletter, so visitors will be redirected to your website. There are various options here:

1. Name: text on the button.

2. URL: URL of your website.

3. Full width: button spanning the full width of your newsletter.

4. Size: size of the button.

5. Border: shape of the button.

6. Style: color of the button.



Use a spacer to create a blank space between widgets.


Social media

Point out your social media channels. This is usually shown on the bottom of a newsletter.

Social media

By clicking Preview in the top right, you can see what your widgets will look like on the front. This gives you an image of what your e-mail campaign will look like. When you are happy with it, click Save and continue to next step.

General tips for contents:

  • Write short newsletters with 2 different subjects at most.
  • Start with your company logo at the top.
  • Make use of the H1 and H2 for headers and sub-headers.
  • Use lists for readers who quickly scan the newsletter.


The next step is to test the e-mail campaign. You can do this in three different ways:

1. Preview the e-mail in Desktop size;

2. Preview the e-mail in Mobile size;


3. Send a test e-mail to yourself or a test group. If you leave Test group blank, the e-mail will only be sent to you. Then click Send a preview to the following test groups and continue to the next step.


Select addresses

Happy with your e-mail campaign? Select the e-mail addresses to send the e-mail to. This can be easily done by using the tags you used for the e-mail addresses.

1. Go to E-mail addresses with tags and select the tags to which the e-mail should be sent;

2. Go to And without the following tags and select the tags to which the e-mail should not be sent;

3. Click Save and continue to the following step.

Select addresses


Lastly, you will plan when the e-mail campaign is to be sent. You can choose between now and at a later time.

1. Now: you will send your e-mail campaign at this moment.

2. At a later time: select a date and time to send the e-mail. The e-mails will be automatically sent on that date at that time.

3. Finally, click Finish.