Google analytics statistics

Google Analytics is free online software enabling you to gain insight into data from your website by means of statistics. Among other things, it will provide you with insight into the number of visitors, where visitors come from, the amount of time spent by visitors on your website, on which page they leave your website, and much more. It provides you, as an entrepeneur, with a clear image of the behavior of your website visitors: what do they do and what do they search for? This allows you to adjust your online marketing strategy accordingly.

Use Google Analytics to gain insight into:

  • Number of visitors via email campaigns;
  • Number of reservations via email campaigns;
  • Total revenue via email campaigns.

Below you'll find a small tutorial for querying this information.

Revenue per email campaign

To display the revenue you've realized per campaign, navigate within Google Analytics to:

  1. Reporting;
  2. Acquisitions;
  3. All traffic;
  4. Source/medium;
  5. On this page, select "Campaign" as secondary dimension;
  6. The column "Campaign" contains the campaign code.
Email campaign results in Google Analytics

Where do I find the email campaign code in the CMS?


In order to find the email campaign, navigate to the tab 'Email settings, Email campaigns' in the CMS

. Here you'll find a list of all of your email campaigns. Select the desired campaign to make any adjustments in it.
Campaign code can be found in the CMS like this