Create re-direct

With a redirect, you can direct one URL to another URL.

Create re-direct

1. In the left hand menu select Content
2. Next, select Urls
3. Click on New


4. Enter the information
5. Click on Save

The redirect has been created, and the 'old' page now directs to the 'new' page.


Importing URLs

You can import existing URLs which you want to redirect and then assign them to a specific URL

1. In the left menu, choose Content
2. Next, choose URLs
3. Click Import

import URL

4. Select the CSV file you want to import or enter a list of URLs that you want to import.
5. Click Save.

import URL

6. The URLs you want to assign are now at To be checked;
7. Click on the URL you want to change;

Assign URL

8. Here you can choose a standard action, such as 'Show as unknown', 'Show as deleted'. or 'Redirect to homepage'.
9. If you wish, you can redirect the page to a specific page.
10. Click Save to save the changes. You will be taken directly to the next URL you want to check.

Assign URL import